From meetings, washing patients to the administration of medications, nurses are busy. Eight out of ten nurses indicate that they sometimes make mistakes during the administration of medication according to a survey result conducted during the congress “Day of Medication Safety” in Ede, Netherlands, last week. This congress focuses on medication safety for both hospitals and nursing homes.

Other findings in the survey include:

Disruption of the work process
The survey also showed that more than 85% of nurses are often disturbed during the process of medication administration. Disruptions during this complex process can lead to making mistakes. More than a quarter of the nurses indicate that they experience stress during medication administration.

High work pressure for nurses
In 2017, a survey by the V & VN (professional association of Dutch nurses) showed that one in two nurses sometimes consider quitting their job because of the high workload. According to the respondents from V & VN's research, the workload is caused by structural staff shortages.

Support for safe administration of medication
The survey also shows that nurses are open to technological innovation. More than 8 out of 10 nurses say they like to have a technological tool that supports them in calculating, verifying, and documenting medications.  Earlier this year, such a medication safety system came into the news after it became known that this system had prevented 100,000 medication errors in hospitals in the Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland and the United Kingdom since its launch in 2016. MedEye system helps nurses to stop and prevent medication errors powered by artificial intelligence. Dose errors could be difficult to detect before MedEye yet, they have the greatest chance of serious consequences for the patients. MedEye is the only technology capable of detecting dosing errors.