Medication delivery is complex 


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Before a medication gets to a patient, there are several information and physical handoffs in the hospital.
This complexity leads to errors. 

1 in 5 administrations are wrong* 

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Not all errors lead to patient harm but the only way to catch the ones that do is to check all medication before it gets to the patient.

Catch 50% of all medication errors 


50% of all medication errors - dispensing, picking, and administration - can be stopped at the bedside.

Easy to setup


MedEye makes bedside verification easy for the pharmacy, IT, and nurses. MedEye doesn't require logistics or workflow changes which makes it easier and more cost effective to setup.

Easy to maintain


Mint handles support and service of MedEye products from end to end.  
Medication and barcode libraries, software upgrades, and hardware service are all taken care of so the pharmacy and IT departments can spend resources elsewhere.

Easy to use


MedEye simplifies nursing workflows by only showing the medications that are due “now.” MedEye automatically verifies and registers all medications saving nurses' time.  Scan rates are higher and nurses spend more time with patients and less time with computers. 



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