Does MedEye connect to the hospital information system?

Yes. MedEye integrates directly with your hospital information system's medication administration or charting module. When it's time to give medications to patients, the nurse opens the MedEye drawer and the MedEye user interface appears for the nurse to work with.


How does MedEye connect to the hospital information system?

MedEye has developed a small, well documented API that is straightforward to implement. This allows two way communication with the hospital information system: A list of medication to be administered is sent to MedEye, MedEye sends back what was actually verified which is stored in the patient’s electronic record or journal.


How and where is MedEye used on the ward?

The best way to prevent medication errors is an automated check at the bedside. How this is implemented depends on the hospital, however. If computers on wheels (COW's) are already in place at the hospital then MedEye will fit perfectly on those, but other solutions are also possible,


How many MedEye scanners does my ward or hospital need?

A good way to estimate is to count how many computers on wheels (COWs), medication carts, or nursing teams are used to administer medications during a round. For example if a ward has three nurses delivering medication in parallel, that ward would likely need three “MedEye Nurse” installations (the combination of software and scanner).


Is MedEye barcode or BCMA compatible?

Yes!  MedEye can use barcodes to verify patients and medications. That said, barcodes cannot accurately check medication dose so we encourage nurses to use visual verification whenever possible.


Does the MedEye scanner have medication inside it?

No. MedEye Nurse is designed to verify and register medication the nurse has received from the pharmacy.  The MedEye scanner inspects medicine, but does not store or dispense it.



How do you verify non-oral solids?

We verify non-oral solids in one of two ways. The first is with by scanning the barcode if the non-oral solid has one.  The second is by using computer vision in the same way MedEye verifies pills. 


Who maintains the MedEye library?

MedEye maintains the MedEye library. MedEye continually reviews the medication formulary and adds new medications as they are used. The nurse can still verify a medication manually if it hasn’t been added to the library. The library has a global foundation so all customers benefit when a new medication is added.


How do you handle generics?

MedEye nurse handles generic substitution for administrations as configured by the hospital pharmacist, if the hospital information system allows. Generics are also added to our library as a unique entry associated with the specific generics manufacturer.



How do you protect privacy and patient data?

MedEye does not process or store patient identifying information.


Is MedEye a medical device?

MedEye does not diagnose or treat patients but rather is a suite of products designed to verify that the patient has received the correct administration. As such, MedEye is not a medical device.