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MedEye builds tools to help nurses and doctors provide exceptional care for patients. Our first product is MedEye which ensures patients get the right medication at the right time, improving safety, saving lives, and reducing the costs of medication errors world-wide.

Backed by long term investors and an outstanding development team, Mint is expanding across Europe.

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The Team


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Jort Kooistra


Jort has 20 years’ experience of the healthcare industry. From significant commercial roles at Zimmer Biomet, Johnson & Johnson and Bioventus, as well as leadership and support of innovative start-up companies, Jort has built considerable expertise in successful product launches and growing international commercial healthcare businesses. He was appointed CEO in September 2019. Jort holds a BSc in Physical Therapy from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and an Executive MBA from Nyenrode Business University.

Gauti Reynisson

Co-founder and CTO

As CTO, Gauti drives the overall research and development of MedEye. Gauti brings to this role deep experience leading development of (hospital) IT products. Prior to Mint, he developed ePrescription systems, led sales expansion and development teams at Theriak and CTP. In 2009, Gauti joined Ívar in starting MedEye and contributed to the early code base. Gauti holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BS in Computer Science.


 Ívar Helgason

Co-founder and Product Owner

Throughout his career, Ívar has focused on using new and innovative technology to improve healthcare quality. With a degree in medicine and extensive experience in software and hardware development, Ívar came up with the idea for MedEye while studying at MIT and Harvard Medical School in 2008. Prior to Mint, Ívar founded a computer decision support company which was acquired by deCODE Genetics. Ívar is an MD and holds an MS in Bioinformatics from MIT and Harvard Medical School.


Bjarni Ívarsson

Lead Developer

Bjarni has a long and accomplished career in programming and leading development teams. Bjarni’s role at Mint Solutions is overseeing the software development, ensuring reliability and security, making it ready for deployment at high demanding hospitals.

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Roderick Wijsmuller


Roderick has built up a broad experience within the finance function, both in healthcare and retail markets. At Medeye Roderick will be leading the finance function with accountabilities for Tax, Legal and Administrative functions. Previously Roderick has worked as CFO for Prominent, as Senior Controller at Mediq (a pharmaceutical operator) and has a trackrecord in financial consulting with PwC and Accenture.  


Grímur Hjörleifsson

Research and Development

Grímur graduated with a MS in Mathematics from the University of Iceland in 2010. At Mint Solutions, Grímur is working on innovative ways to improve the MedEye solutions, making it faster and easier to use for our users.


Margrét Una Kjartansdóttir

Research and Development

Margrét graduated with a BS degree in Information Sciences, from the Computer Department at Columbia University in New York. Margrét has worked on cutting edge projects in Machine Learning and brings the latest developments in the field into Mint Solutions.

Haukur Sigurðarson 

Research and Development

Haukur comes to Mint Solutions straight from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. At Chalmers he studied and worked in the field of astronomy. With a M.Sc. degree in Radio and Space Science, Haukur brings in a wealth of experience in analysis and processing of computer vision data.


Janneke Vos

Marketing Manager

Janneke has extensive experience in healthcare IT and has served as a marketing manager with ChipSoft and D&A Medical Group. At MedEye, Janneke manages the long term marketing strategy for the company in the Netherlands and the day to day marketing activities.

Hjörtur Sturluson

Research and Development

Hjörtur studied Electrical and Computer engineering at the University of Iceland. Hjörtur has a long career in programming and development of hospital information systems and related products.  Hjörtur’s role at Mint Solutions is Quality Assurance.  


Magni Mortensen

Senior Developer

Magni has over 20 years experience in software design and development in a wide variety of sectors, ranging from retail and hospitality to banking and financial applications. He comes to Mint Solutions from Islandsbanki where he worked as a solution architect and an information security expert.

Áslaug Sóley Bjarnadóttir

Development Manager

Before MedEye, Áslaug was the development manager at Sabre Airlines Solutions where she managed product Intelligence Exchange, a complex software solution where minimal downtime, data integrity and performance are critical. While at Sabre she led large software development teams in Iceland, Poland, and India delivering to customers across Europe and Asia.


Lucia van Vliet

Training and Support Specialist

Lucia has 6 years nursing experience. In addition to nursing duties, she has led project teams to update nursing procedures and training materials.  Prior to becoming a nurse, she was an NCO in the Dutch Royal Army medical battalion.                                            

Remco Wijngaarden

Deployment Manager

Remco has in-depth experience with implementing healthcare IT solutions and in particular those that address medication workflows.  Prior to Mint, Remco worked as a business analyst at PharmaPartners, project manager at HI-Systems and Triple-P and sr. consultant at D&A Medical Group. Remco’s role in MedEye is to support hospitals as they implement MedEye. 


Bastian Teichert

Deployment Specialist

Bastian has 14 years experience as a registered nurse. He’s worked across multiple wards and specialties in the hospital and is familiar with the technology solutions available to nurses.                                                                                                                                                          

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Gísli Hardarson

Research and Development

Gísli studied computer science and got a B.Sc. degree from the University of Skövde, Sweden. Gísli has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare software development with, among other things, electronic medical records and prescription systems.  


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Martin Eineborg 

Research and Development

Martin is making sure the MedEye solutions are based on the latest research results in AI and Machine Learning. He brings extensive experience and knowledge in Machine Learning and holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Martin worked in the area of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP at large companies (e.g. TeliaSonera, Scania, SICS, KTH).

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Helgi Vilberg Helgason

UI / UX Designer

Helgi studied Graphic Design in Akureyri School of Visual Arts and Software Engineering in University of Iceland. He has been working in both fields for different companies in Iceland and in the UK. Helgi combines these two skills every day to design and develop user interfaces for MedEye. His focus is on maximizing usability and user experience.


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Adda Birna Hjálmarsdóttir

Research and Development

Adda graduated as a Pharmacist with M.Sc. degree and has years of experience in both healthcare IT as in pharmacy and quality. Adda’s role at MedEye is to ensure MedEye’s highest level of care with everything regarding handling of medication and information regarding use of medications with the MedEye product.


The Board



Anne Portwich
Partner at Life Sciences Partners
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Board member

Eric de La Fortelle
Venture Partner at Seventure Partners
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Board member

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Fridrik Fridriksson
Chief Financial Officer at NSA Ventures
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Board member

María Rúnarsdóttir
CFO SMI ehf.
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Board member

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Marc van Gelder LinkedIn profile Board member

Russell Greig
President GBGC
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Chairman of the Board