DIPS and Mint Solutions working together to improve medication safety

Mint Solutions and DIPS are working together to offer MedEye to Norwegian hospitals for bedside verification. MedEye, Mint Solutions' innovative bedside verification technology, will be incorporated into the DIPS hospital information system, making it easier than ever before for hospitals to enhance medication safety and implement bedside medication verification.

Through this cooperation, the MedEye technology will be seamlessly integrated to the DIPS EHR. The solution is based on computer vision technology and does not require any barcoding or other changes in the medication logistics processes, making it easy for hospitals to start implementation and see immediate results.

"We are confident that DIPS users will be happy to add MedEye to their DIPS installation. MedEye will not only help with verification of medication, but also take care of all the paperwork relating to the medication rounds, allowing nurses to work faster and safer", says the CEO of Mint Solutions, Gauti Reynisson.

"Our ambition has always been to figure out the best way to support health personel in carrying out their job, with the best information available", says Dr. Tomas Nordheim Alme, CMO of DIPS ASA. The MedEye product, through it's innovative hardware solves a key challenge for any bedside medication verification approach. The combination of DIPS Medication and MedEye allows for easy medication verification, thereby increasing patient safety, while at the same time saving time for the nurses.

Mint Solutions is a healthcare IT startup company, focused on developing solutions for enhancing medication safety processes in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. It's innovative technology, MedEye, provides hospitals with an new way to ensure medication safety by implementing bedside verification. MedEye does not require barcodes, thereby making the process easier and faster for nurses as well as simplifying implementation for hospitals.

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