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Interzorg highly values medication safety. That is why Interzorg is the first care home organisation in the Netherlands that prefers the MedEye medication safety system. MedEye enables health care workers to automatically verify the client’s medication and increases the safety when administering the medication. The care burden and complexity of the clients of Interzorg is increasing rapidly, which means that medication safety has the highest priority.

Investing in medication safety
Karin van der Baan is a personal adviser at Interzorg Nieuw Graswijk in Assen. As a test, she worked with MedEye for six months. “In Nieuw Graswijk, which houses young people with dementia and non-congenital brain injuries, the complexity and burden of care-giving are increasing as well. More and more clients use multiple types of medication and these must sometimes be adjusted. MedEye supports us with interim changes and digital registration. With the help of this innovative technology, we succeeded in lowering the number of medication errors in Nieuw Graswijk to as good as non-existing. This creates a safe feeling.” 

Phased implementation at all Interzorg locations
At the end of August, Interzorg and Mint Solutions-MedEye signed a long term partnership contract to implement the innovative system as partners at all locations of Interzorg. Astrid-Odile de Visser, Director of Interzorg, expresses the desire to possibly investigate if the system can also be applied in home care situations. This makes Interzorg the first care home organization to further optimise medication safety in this way. All Interzorg locations will implement this new technology in the coming years. This will be coordinated with the Wilhelmina Hospital pharmacy in Assen. 

Medication-verifying scanner
Health care workers make use of a mobile computer during their medication rounds. The computer is installed with a scanner specially developed by MedEye. Care workers use this to scan the client’s medication. The device verifies whether it is the correct medication. This guarantees that the correct patients will receive the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. 

Improving medication safety as a mission
“Our mission is improved medication safety and actually stopping errors,” says Gauti Reynisson, CEO of MedEye. Our medication safety system demonstrably produces a substantial reduction of the number of medication errors and increase in efficiency as well. More and more hospitals, and now Interzorg (as first care home organisation) realise that administering medication is the most vulnerable step in the medication process. They now actively choose to stop these errors by checking medication at the client’s location. We are proud that Interzorg is the first care home organization in the Netherlands to prefer MedEye.”