The Flevo Hospital in Almere the Netherlands, a top-clinical center housing 385 beds, has chosen to further increase the patient safety by verifying all medication administrations using the MedEye medication safety system.

From left to right: Gauti Reynisson (CEO Mint Solutions), Robin Roelofs (hospital pharmacist Flevo Hospital) en Edo Schubert (Board Flevo Hospital)

From left to right: Gauti Reynisson (CEO Mint Solutions), Robin Roelofs (hospital pharmacist Flevo Hospital) en Edo Schubert (Board Flevo Hospital)

Edo Schubert, member of the Board of Directors and responsible for quality and safety at the Flevo Hospital, is very pleased with this significant increase in medication safety: “Medication safety is an important topic in all hospitals, because we know that errors are prone to happen on the wards due to the high workload, or divided attention. Almost all hospital patients are on medication, which needs to be administrated correctly. By using this new evidence based technology to check all the medication administrations at the bedside, the risk on medication errors is greatly reduced.”

One in five administrations contains some kind of mistake
From various research reports* it appears that one in five administrations in hospitals contains some kind of mistake, e.g. wrong dose, wrong time or wrong medication. The MedEye system can visually verify the medication at the bedside before administration, and check and register it through the integration into the hospital information system. This process helps nurses to work more accurately and also more efficient. Specifically in de case of high risk medication which requires a double check by a second nurse, it means a great improvement in both safety and efficiency to use the MedEye system instead.  

Medication safety primary focus
Also hospital pharmacist Robin Roelofs is eager to work with MedEye: “Medication safety is a primary focus in patient care. The further you improve the process and at the same time make it more visible, the safer it becomes. Our ultimate goal is to verify that the correct medication is administered to the right patient at the right dose at the right time and in the appropriate manner. MedEye is an important tool to reach this goal.”

Moving to 's-Hertogenbosch
Mint Solutions, the company behind the MedEye system, experienced a strong growth in the past year and expects that by the end of this year 20% of the Dutch hospitals will have MedEye installed. They are also busy deploying the MedEye system in long term care institutes and hospitals in other European countries, like Belgium and the UK. 

Gauti Reynisson, CEO of MedEye, just moved the company to a bigger office: “The current growth phase requires more expansion possibilities. ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a great central location for us with many other high-tech companies in the area. Together with our clients we keep bringing innovative solutions for medication safety and continue to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare each day."