Nij Smellinghe became the first hospital to use MedEye’s medication safety system to double-check oral opioid (medicines that are highly narcotic and analgesic).  This verification helps the hospital to ensure the right medication is given to the right patient.  As a result, the administration of these medications at Nij Smellinghe hospital has become safer.


Safer and more efficient
Nij Smellinghe hospital has been using the MedEye safety system since 2017 for standard monitoring and for double checking of high-risk medication (including infusions and syringes). From now on the hospital also verifies all oral opioids with the system.

The opioids are verified by means of image recognition technology. A small scanner compares the unique properties of the tablets, including shape, colour, marks, break lines, diameter and thickness with the data in a drug database. In addition, the system is connected to the hospital information system to verify that the administration corresponds with the doctor's order. The result is that the administration of medication is safer and more efficient. It also meet the double-verification requirement which is the same process for administering high risk medications.

Hospital pharmacist Dick Bloemhof explains: "MedEye helps nurses safely administer medications. The use of this new technology ensures that the right patients receive the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. Although double checking is not mandatory for opioids, this method provides more safety for the patient ".

Support for nurses
Linda de Boer, nurse at the Surgery/Urology ward, has been working with the MedEye system for some time and is pleased with the new addition: "MedEye has been supporting my colleagues and me in administering medications more safely. I now no longer have to wait for a second colleague to check the oral opioids as MedEye acts as a second nurse to support me. I can therefore work faster, safer, and with less stress. "