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Haga Hospital in The Netherlands has decided to deploy the MedEye medication safety system hospital-wide. MedEye verifies all medication just before a nurse administers them to a patient. It enables nurses to automatically verify all medication at the bedside and it increases the safety medication administration.

Medication safety system
The nurse of the Haga hospital using a Computer-on-wheels (COW) to do their medication round. The COW is provided with a specially developed software and medication scanner. This allows the nurse to verify the medication of the patient to the bedside, ensuring that patients get the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. The system will be put into use in April 2017.

In late December, the Haga Hospital and MedEye signed a definitive agreement for this innovative system to roll out hospital-wide.

Important for patients
Marjolein Tasche, Director of Haga Hospital: "Medication safety is an important theme in our hospital. A wrong medication administration could have major implications for the patient. The hospital has launched multiple initiatives to prevent this. Hospital Pharmacist Joris Uges adds: "With MedEye, we close the last piece of the medication chain in the hospital. With the use of MedEye, medication safety is secured from the prescription of the doctor to the patient administration. "

Improve medication safety as a mission
"Improving medication safety and stopping medication errors at the bedside is our mission," says Gauti Reynisson, CEO of MedEye. “Our solution has led to a significant reduction in the number of medication errors and improves efficiency. More hospitals are realizing administration is the most vulnerable step of the medication process. They are choosing now to stop these errors by checking medications at the bedside. "