The Streekziekenhuis Koningin Beatrix (SKB) hospital  in Winterswijk, The Netherlands has chosen to verify medications hospital-wide with the MedEye medication safety system. With the introduction of this system the medication process is improved, by reducing the risk of human error at the point of administration. SKB and MedEye signed a definitive agreement in December 2016.

MedEye enables nurses to automatically verify medication at the bedside, ensuring that patients get the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. Director of SKB and Slingeland Hospitals, Bert Kleinlugtenbeld said "We are committed to patient and medication safety and are very proud to ensure better safety with this system."

New medication distribution process
Hospital Pharmacist and Chair of the Medication Committee Arjan Bulsink said : "In preparation for the construction of our new hospital pharmacy had the opportunity to redesign our medication distribution process. The principles of the redesign were patient safety and efficiency which led us to the combination of using multidose packaging and MedEye. "

Software better at repetitive tasks
"While they do their best, people are not nearly as good at repetitive tasks as computers," said Bulsink. "Until now we were using barcodes to verify medication, but barcodes are not available on all medications and don't enable all necessary checks.  .  MedEye is the first system that can do all of these checks automatically with software.. "

Improve medication safety as a mission
"Improving medication safety and stopping medication errors at the bedside is our mission," says Gauti Reynisson, CEO of MedEye. "Our solution has led to a significant reduction in the number of medication errors and in addition, provides an improvement in efficiency."