The Westfriesgasthuis hospital in Hoorn (The Netherlands) has chosen to verify all medication with the MedEye medication safety system. The hospital thereby ensures that medication administrations receive an extra check, strengthening the most vulnerable step in the medication distribution process. The Cardiology ward will be the first to start using the system in February.

Hospital Pharmacist Tjalling van der Schors confirms the importance of verifying administrations: "Following a literature review and internal investigations we have made a plan to improve medication safety. Automatic verification of administrations was high on our priority list, right after electronic prescribing. We started by looking at barcode based solutions.  MedEye was an attractive solution for us because it can directly verify all medications at the bedside and fully supports verification of barcoded medications.  Additionally, all the verified administrations are immediately recorded in the patient's health record."

Benefit for patient and nurse
Jan Koppes, as division manager for clinical care, is responsible for medication safety including the provision of medication to patients. Koppes looks forward to deploying MedEye: "Medication errors can cause permanent injury in patients. By using MedEye, we can reduce the chance that the wrong medication or the wrong dose is administered.  This also improves work for nurses – it is a traumatic experience for a nurse when a patient receives the wrong medication so reducing the number of these events helps nurses.  I expect MedEye to be a win-win for patients and the hospital.

Substantial reduction in the number of medication errors
MedEye helps nurses verify all medications automatically at the bedside. This ensures that patients get the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. MedEye reduces the number of medication errors and makes the medication administration process more efficient.

Together we improve medication safety
MedEye CEO Gauti Reynisson looks forward working with Westfriesgasthuis: "We love to work with enthusiastic and progressive teams like the one at Westfriesgasthuis. Automated verification of medication at the bedside is at the top of their priority list and we see more and more hospitals with this focus. Together we ensure that we improve medication safety and prevent errors at the bedside. "