• MedEye system enables 65% decrease in recorded medication incidents after six-week trial in elderly care setting

  • Present to roll out MedEye medication verification system to all twelve departments of its small-scale living facilities

MedEye, an innovative healthtech company with a state-of-the-art medication verification system, is pleased to announce that Present, a Netherlands-based elderly-care organization, has opted to roll-out MedEye’s medication verification system. The system will be installed across all twelve of Present’s small-scale living facilities after a positive pilot scheme which showed, in the first month, a 66% reduction in recorded medication incidents. In the following month no medication incidents were reported anymore.  

Digitally integrated system enhances safety and quality
With MedEye’s system, Present’s entire medication process is now done digitally via an integration with a local pharmacy and the electronic prescription system.

Director Janneke Louisa-Muller of Present, commented: “From a quality point of view, safety is very important to our residents and medication safety is an essential part of that. MedEye is a means for us to prevent errors and makes it easier for our employees. The pilot went very positively on both of these points. Present therefore has chosen to use MedEye more widely for all groups for small-scale living."

Greater efficiency leads to better patient care
During the summer period Present conducted a six-week trial with the system in different departments. Nurse and project leader Lieke Kwakernaak commented: “There was a significant reduction in recorded medication incidents in the first month and the nurses who have worked with MedEye are very enthusiastic about the benefits of the system. The medication process is safer and more efficient now, we don’t have paper checklists anymore and we don’t have to set actions on recorded medication incidents reports any more. This gives us more time to spend on care.”

Leading the way in the elderly care sector
At elderly-care organization Present, the medication is first organized into bags for each separate administration. MedEye checks whether the content of the bag corresponds to the prescribed medication and indicates if further verification is needed, and if so, the medication is placed in a special medication scanner that uses AI to identify the drug. The system enables an extra check that gives extra certainty that the right patient is getting the right medication with the right dose. With this innovative process, Present is one of the first elderly care organizations in The Netherlands to have its entire medication process done digitally via a MedEye link with both the local pharmacy and the Medimo electronic prescription system.

Jort Kooistra, Chief Executive Officer at Medeye, commented: “We’re excited by the potential for our technology to assist professionals not only in the hospital setting but in the elderly care sector. This partnership is an important step as we expand the reach of our system. We’re particularly pleased that errors reduced so significantly – two thirds – in just six weeks. MedEye’s aim is to increase efficiency and accuracy, so that nurses and caregivers can have confidence as they administer medication at the bedside. It is therefore extremely encouraging to hear the overwhelmingly positive responses of nurses using MedEye’s system.”