Elderly care organization Interzorg, MedEye and the Wilhelmina Hospital Assen (WZA) have been nominated for the Computable Awards 2019 in the "IT project of the year in Healthcare" category. The joint project for better medication safety has been selected, with four other nominees, from dozens of entries. By using the MedEye system, healthcare providers can better verify medication administration and prevent errors. Readers of Computable can vote until Sunday 6 October via https://awards.computable.nl/stem/.


Jury report: IT innovation leads to better healthcare
Computable, an online magazine for information technology professionals, selects appealing and remarkable achievements in the field of ICT every year. In the jury report, Computable describes the medication project as follows: “In cooperation with WZA and MedEye, Interzorg enables its employees to verify electronically whether medication is correct and still up-to-date when supplying the medication to the patient. Every tablet is recognized and compared with the current prescription via the MedEye scanner. The automated verification of medication is an innovation that directly leads to better care through the reduction of medication errors. The jury of the Computable Awards 2019 was impressed that Interzorg took the entire process into consideration.” 

Innovation for elderly care
Interzorg was the first to introduce MedEye in elderly care. The level and complexity of care demanded by clients of Interzorg is increasing rapidly, so medication safety has top priority for Interzorg. Karin van der Baan is a nurse at Interzorg’s location ‘Nieuw Graswijk’ in Assen and she is enthusiastic: “More and more clients use multiple types of medication and changes are sometimes necessary. MedEye supports us in keeping an overview, partly through the digital registration. It provides structure, offers an important foundation and therefore a safe feeling, also in the case of medication changes. With this solution, Interzorg ensures error-free administration”. 

IT innovation ensures medication safety
The hospital pharmacy of the Wilhelmina Hospital (WZA) in Assen supervised the implementation of MedEye at Interzorg. Hospital pharmacist Yvonne Dijsselbloem is the supervisory pharmacist for Interzorg and is happy with the nomination: “I am very happy with this recognition, because it shows that innovation in the field of ICT also makes an important contribution to medication safety in elderly care. During the implementation of the "safe principles in the medication chain",  changes in medication pouches and double-checking of high-risk drugs proved to be two major bottlenecks. MedEye offers a great solution for both”.

Pleasant cooperation
“We believe that patients and clients are entitled to the right medication and that healthcare professionals deserve the right tools to help them achieve that. That is why we have built MedEye. Our medication safety system demonstrably reduces the number of errors considerably. We are therefore very proud of this nomination together with Interzorg and WZA. Our collaboration with them has always been very pleasant”, says Gauti Reynisson, CEO of MedEye.