Streekziekenhuis Koningin Beatrix improves medication safety

The Streekziekenhuis Koningin Beatrix (SKB) hospital  in Winterswijk, The Netherlands has chosen to verify medications hospital-wide with the MedEye medication safety system. With the introduction of this system the medication process is improved, by reducing the risk of human error at the point of administration. SKB and MedEye signed a definitive agreement in December 2016.

MedEye enables nurses to automatically verify medication at the bedside, ensuring that patients get the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. Director of SKB and Slingeland Hospitals, Bert Kleinlugtenbeld said "We are committed to patient and medication safety and are very proud to ensure better safety with this system."

New medication distribution process
Hospital Pharmacist and Chair of the Medication Committee Arjan Bulsink said : "In preparation for the construction of our new hospital pharmacy had the opportunity to redesign our medication distribution process. The principles of the redesign were patient safety and efficiency which led us to the combination of using multidose packaging and MedEye. "

Software better at repetitive tasks
"While they do their best, people are not nearly as good at repetitive tasks as computers," said Bulsink. "Until now we were using barcodes to verify medication, but barcodes are not available on all medications and don't enable all necessary checks.  .  MedEye is the first system that can do all of these checks automatically with software.. "

Improve medication safety as a mission
"Improving medication safety and stopping medication errors at the bedside is our mission," says Gauti Reynisson, CEO of MedEye. "Our solution has led to a significant reduction in the number of medication errors and in addition, provides an improvement in efficiency."


Haga Hospital chooses medication safety system MedEye

HagaZiekenhuis van Den Haag.JPG

Haga Hospital in The Netherlands has decided to deploy the MedEye medication safety system hospital-wide. MedEye verifies all medication just before a nurse administers them to a patient. It enables nurses to automatically verify all medication at the bedside and it increases the safety medication administration.

Medication safety system
The nurse of the Haga hospital using a Computer-on-wheels (COW) to do their medication round. The COW is provided with a specially developed software and medication scanner. This allows the nurse to verify the medication of the patient to the bedside, ensuring that patients get the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. The system will be put into use in April 2017.

In late December, the Haga Hospital and MedEye signed a definitive agreement for this innovative system to roll out hospital-wide.

Important for patients
Marjolein Tasche, Director of Haga Hospital: "Medication safety is an important theme in our hospital. A wrong medication administration could have major implications for the patient. The hospital has launched multiple initiatives to prevent this. Hospital Pharmacist Joris Uges adds: "With MedEye, we close the last piece of the medication chain in the hospital. With the use of MedEye, medication safety is secured from the prescription of the doctor to the patient administration. "

Improve medication safety as a mission
"Improving medication safety and stopping medication errors at the bedside is our mission," says Gauti Reynisson, CEO of MedEye. “Our solution has led to a significant reduction in the number of medication errors and improves efficiency. More hospitals are realizing administration is the most vulnerable step of the medication process. They are choosing now to stop these errors by checking medications at the bedside. "




Mint Solutions Raises € 5 Million in Series B to Fund Rollout of Revolutionary Medication Safety System

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, August 25, 2016 – Mint Solutions Holding BV, a private Dutch company developing and marketing the revolutionary medication safety system MedEye, has raised € 5 million in a Series B equity funding round led by the Brabant Development Agency (BOM Capital) and existing shareholders LSP (Life Sciences Partners), investing from its LSP Health Economics Fund, and Seventure Partners. Other shareholders, including NSA Ventures and a number of private Icelandic investors, also participated in the financing.

The new funds will be used to support the rollout of Mint’s proprietary MedEye system, which aims to stop and prevent medication errors and improve efficiency in hospitals and care institutions. Through a combination of innovative hardware and software and seamless integration with hospital information systems, MedEye enables nurses to automatically verify medication at the bedside, thus ensuring that patients get the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time. Following successful deployment at several Dutch hospitals, Mint is preparing to expand into adjacent market segments and additional countries. 

“This investment comes at a crucial time for our MedEye product. We are experiencing strong demand from Dutch hospitals and we see ample growth opportunity in other care segments, including long-term care, as well as international markets,” said Gauti Reynisson, CEO of Mint Solutions. “The new funding allows us to roll out MedEye and increase medication safety in even more hospitals and care institutions both in and outside the Netherlands.”

“The MedEye system has proven to significantly reduce medication errors, providing a great benefit for both hospitals and individual patients,” commented Miriam Dragstra, Director of BOM Capital. “We are pleased to be joining Mint Solutions now, as the company prepares to relocate its headquarters to the Brabant region to participate in the regional ecosystem around MedTech and e-health solutions.”

To mark today’s announcement, representatives from Mint Solutions and BOM visited Euronext Amsterdam this morning to attend the so-called Gong ceremony. Miriam Dragstra, Director of BOM Capital, was joined on stage by Mint Solutions CEO Gauti Reynisson and other members of the Mint and BOM team, to open trading on the Amsterdam stock exchange by sounding the Gong.

About Mint Solution
Mint Solutions is a Dutch-Icelandic medical startup that was established to improve medication safety in hospitals and care institutions. MedEye, Mint Solutions’ flagship solution, ensures that patients get the right medication, at the right dose and at the right time. More information:  or

About BOM
The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) endeavors to promote an innovative and resilient economy in the Dutch province of Brabant, giving the region a lasting competitive edge in a rapidly globalizing world. The emphasis in this policy is focused on the top economic clusters, crossovers between these clusters, and linking these clusters to social issues.

BOM encourages companies, local and national authorities and knowledge institutes to realize the economic ambitions nurtured by the province of Brabant. The starting point in this is to provide smart solutions to social problems. BOM’s core tasks involve forging alliances between companies and institutions, attracting foreign companies, investing risk capital in both innovative startups as well as growing companies and developing business sites. For more information: 

About LSP
LSP (Life Sciences Partners) is an independent European investment firm, providing financing for private and public life sciences companies. LSP’s mission is to connect investors to inventors, focusing on unmet medical needs. Since the late 1980s, LSP’s management has invested in about 100 innovative enterprises, many of which have grown to become leaders of the global life sciences industry. With over €1 billion of investment capital raised to date and offices in Amsterdam, Munich and Boston, LSP is one of Europe’s leading life sciences investors. LSP’s Health Economics Fund invests in innovative products that can increase the quality of health care, while reducing the cost of care. For more information please visit the new LSP website:

About Seventure Partners
With over €600m in assets under management as of the end of 2015, Seventure Partners is a leading venture capital firm in Europe. Since 1997, Seventure Partners has invested in innovative businesses with high growth potential in digital technologies, in France and Germany, and in the Life Sciences field across Europe and North America.  In Life Sciences, the main areas of focus include biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, connected health and medtech, industrial biotechnology, and last but not least: the MICROBIOME, nutrition, foodtech and personalized medicine.  For more details: 



MedEye nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award

MedEye has been nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award in the category Health & Wellbeing. Winners are selected in October at the Accenture Innovation Summit and the public has an important voice. Will you vote for our smart solution to improve medication safety?

Details here 


Mint Solutions will be showcasing MedEye at the JAC User Group in London.

JAC is the leading EPMA system in the UK and has integrated with MedEye, offering hospitals a complete bedside verification solution.

For UK hospitals, this integration brings medicines management to the bedside. MedEye helps nurses review prescriptions, verify all medications, and chart administrations in a single handling without switching applications.

Mint and JAC are working together to bring this solution to hospitals in the UK.


Antonius Hospital Sneek pushes closer to flawless medication administration

ntonius Hospital Sneek will deploy the MedEye solution hospital-wide. With this decision the hospital is investing further in medication safety. Antonius was the first hospital in the Netherlands to do a pilot in a clinical department with MedEye and the second to deploy hospital-wide. 



Mint Solutions wins “Startup of the Year” award

Mint Solutions, the developer of MedEye, was awarded “Icelandic Startup of the Year 2016” by Nordic Startup Awards. This award recognizes the sales progress and impact of the MedEye solution over the past year.

The Nordic Startup Awards is a series of events in the Nordic countries, to recognize and celebrate the startup ecosystems based in the Nordic region.

Founded in Iceland, Mint Solutions builds tools to help nurses and pharmacists provide exceptional care for patients. Gauti Reynisson, co-founder and CEO of Mint Solutions: ‘MedEye ensures patients get the right medication at the right time, improving safety, saving lives, and reducing the costs of medication errors world-wide. We are very proud of this recognition and it encourages us go even further in in the coming year’. 



MedEye attends Zorg & ICT 2016

MedEye will attend the upcoming Zorg & ICT conference to demonstrate its innovative and proven solution for medication safety.

At the Alphatron Medical and LogicalXL booths, MedEye will be demonstrated in practice on the respective computer on wheels (COWs).

We invite you to visit us there!

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Deventer Hospital will administer medications seamlessly with MedEye

Deventer Hospital is the first hospital to fully roll out MedEye, an innovative solution that checks medications at the  bedside before administration. International research shows that errors occur when administering drugs in about one in five patients. This solution will allow the hospital to administer medication error-free.

Read the press release in English or Dutch here.  (English translation coming).

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FD: Netherlands first with MedEye

The Dutch-Icelandic start-up MedEye has its first full-hospital customer for its medication safety system. Deventer Hospital was first.

Read the full article in PDF (English) or online (Dutch)

Newspaper article in English and Dutch.



MedEye presented at Heliview HIMSS VIP study tour

Please get in touch if you'll also be attending HIMSS this year.

Press release here.



Deventer Ziekenhuis: "We're closing the loop" 

Read the article (Dutch) or article translation (English).


Mint Solutions appoints Marc van Gelder to the Supervisory Board

Mint Solutions, inventor of MedEye - a solution that prevents medication errors in hospitals and other institutions - appointed Marc van Gelder to the Supervisory Board. In this position, Van Gelder with five other members, will oversee strategy for international expansion of MedEye. MedEye has been successfully implemented in hospitals in the Netherlands, but in the coming months, will start to extend into Belgium and the UK.

Van Gelder is excited about the solutions developed by Mint Solutions. "In hospitals, medication errors occur more than we think.  MedEye’s approach to this problem, by focusing on making the work at the bedside safer and more efficient, appeals to me very much."

The newly appointed board member has extensive experience in the healthcare sector as a senior executive. "In his work Marc has always been focused on providing better care for patients, making high quality service more accessible. That fits perfectly with our mission as a company. Our goal is to provide higher quality care by eradicating preventable medication errors,” said Gauti Reynisson, CEO and co-founder of Mint Solutions.

Van Gelder was the CEO of Mediq for nine years. In this position he has transformed Mediq, a Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler and pharmacy chain, into a successful international player in the field of medicines and medical devices. Currently he is a member of several international boards.


About Mint Solutions

Mint Solutions was established to improve medication safety in hospitals and healthcare facilities. MedEye, Mint Solutions’ patented solution, automatically collects information at the patient’s bedside.  By stopping preventable medication errors, MedEye guides the nurse to ensure that patients get the right medication at the right time.  MedEye connects pharmacists, doctors and nurses, enabling collaboration to improve processes and prevent future medication errors.  Mint Solutions is backed by investors. More information: or


MedEye at Medicatieveiligheid and Nursing Experience

Mint Solutions will be presenting at two leading  industry conferences for nursing. On October 1 at the "Medicatieveiligheid" (Medication Day) and on December 1-2 at "The Nursing Experience."  At both events, MedEye will be demonstrated live in a nursing setting, working from a computer on wheels.


MedEye will be at VCD Healthtivity ’15

MedEye will be demonstrated on the VCD Healthtivity '15 at Burgers Zoo.


MedEye pilot at Deventer Ziekenhuis covered nationally

Article located here.



Mint Solutions Exhibiting at HiMSS

Mint Solutions is exhibiting at HiMSS in Chicago.  Come by and see us at booth #8445.



Catching Errors

MIT Alumni develop solution that flags medication mistakes at the hospital bedside

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MIT Alumni Created Drug Safety Technology

MedEye uses computer vision to prevent incorrect drug administration.

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