MedEye Release 3.8

MedEye has released version 3.8 of MedEye. With this release MedEye is taking a major step forward in helping nurses and pharmacists handle complex verifications and product substitutions, which are essential for fast and safe bedside medication verification.

Version 3.8 also greatly enhances feedback to users about the use and impact of MedEye. Customers gain valuable insights into how MedEye is being used and where processes can be improved to support medication safety at the bedside.

Some of the highlights:

MedEye Verification Rules and High Risk Medication

MedEye Verification Rules mechanism will keep track of each individual check and how it is performed, without any extra work for the nurse. Checks that can be monitored include dose, product, timing, patient, route, rate and other checks that the hospital uses for ensuring best practises.

With MedEye pill-scanning, barcode scanning and visual verification, almost all checks can be automated, saving the nurse time and making sure that best practices are followed for every administration.

MedEye Substitutions

Substitutions are common in hospitals but can be difficult to perform, which leads to unnecessary errors. With this version of MedEye, nurses will now be assisted by MedEye in handling those substitutions and be able to do them safely and in shorter time.

MedEye Pre-Verification

With MedEye Pre-Verification, customers can now implement workflows where some medications are verified before the medication round, and then safely tracked and traced to the patient at the correct time - cutting time spent on medication verification at the bedside bin half.

MedEye Visual Verification

In 2016, MedEye revolutionised bedside verification with the introduction of MedEye pill-scanning technology. In version 3.8, customers can now start using MedEye Visual Verification. With this module, MedEye can use pictures to verify everything from insulin pen settings, to infusions pump rate and volume in syringes. With this module, hospitals can automate virtually all medication related double checks done in the hospital.

Improved feedback

MedEye has helped prevent more than 200.000 medication errors since introduction in 2016. With release 3.8 MedEye can collect more detailed, anonymous usage data which will help hospitals detect gaps in the process and generate reports that will help identify ways to improve medication safety in the hospital.